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Vesterålen Regionråds Kulturkalender

Vesterålen Cultural Council

The six municipalities of Vesterålen collaborate in a number of cultural areas through Vesterålen Cultural Council. The areas range from the book bus, video workshops for young people and drama instruction to Vesterålen's cultural history and international collaboration.

Much of the work is done on a trial basis and involves an interaction with public institutions, voluntary organizations and some times the business sector.

Cultural Cooperation is politically controlled by Vesterålen Cultural Council and is managed by a secretariat. The Cultural Council is a subcommittee under the Vesterålen Regional Council.

Cultural cooperation also includes permanent measures such as Collaboration in Music, The Book Bus, the Outdoor Council, the film festival LATERNA MAGICA and edition of informational series.

Political leader of the Cultural Council:
Jonni H. Solsvik, Mayor of Andøy Municipality

Managing Director: Vibeke Suhr 27.8.2008

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Vibeke Suhr
Postboks 243, Kjøpmannsgt. 2, 8401 Sortland, Telefon +47 76 11 15 00
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